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Today is Roald Dahl Day

His centenary? You're right, Miss Mun, this is a long time. And he managed to write all those wonderful stories that people still enjoy. That's a type of immortality, I think, to have your work like on all these years.

Do you think he'd be pleased, Miss Mun, with my story? I know I'm changing it a little but... you have to take control of your own story or people will think you will let anything happen to you. And that's not right!

I hope he knows, though, how grateful I am. It's nice, to be a story. Even one you have to direct yourself. Someone cared enough to let people know my story. That's nice.

I wonder if I can read any of his books...?

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Thinking About a Game for Her

Really? Really Mundane, you think you might send me to an actual game? But I don't know if I'd know what to do in a game; aren't some of them very hard for someone who's little like me?

[Thought being little wasn't an excuse?]

Well, no, of course it's not, but I meant in a more general way, Mundane. I'm not exactly the most ... compatible of muses for a lot of these games; I'm aware of that. But if you think you've found a game that might accept me...

... Will there be something to read there?
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Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was no ordinary little girl, her mother and father thought she was a speck of dirt upon the Earth, needing to be wiped out at the quickest instance. She had a brother, who was a perfectly ordinary boy indeed, and it was perfectly ordinary that their parents wanted. The little girl tried to be perfectly ordindary, but she liked to read instead of watching tv, which made her parents very angry indeed

But one day she got a wish granted. She got to go to school.

... Well, I don't know the rest of the story yet, Mundane, we've still to write the ending.

((Canon is Matilda: the Musical, taking bits from the book as well.))


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